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Center-of-the-page distribution for your brand’s videos

We’re breaking brands free from the ad box and placing them center of the page on major publishers. Nope, it’s not native ads. When you present your expertise with an editorial tone, you can say goodbye to your 300 x 250 digs and see what it’s like to be the content for a change.

Touchstorm offers two ways to get your video content into the editorial ether and in front of high-quality viewers. In full compliance with FTC guidelines, our Editorial Distribution Services put your brand front-and-center as content on the pages of the world’s leading publishers.

1. Premium Placement Across Our Editorial Network

The Touchstorm Editorial Network delivers your videos to top-tier, consumer-favorite web destinations that rely on our Howdini brand for premium, expert-hosted content. Sites like Yahoo!, AOL, Amazon and MSN.

Your videos run as content. With all that you have to teach the world, why wouldn’t you be the content? Since we work with the premiere publishers on the web, you can rest assured your video is running in a brand-safe environment.

When you combine our search engine optimization of your videos with the credibility of our network’s publishers, you end up with videos prewired to perform in organic search. You become the content that audiences are searching for.

2. Digital Special Inserts on Top Publisher Sites

We all know the difference between branded content and editorial content, but sometimes a brand’s videos are a little bit of both. When videos are too branded to run as editorial and too long to run as pre-roll, we offer our truly native platform created exclusively for advertorial videos.

We take your video(s) and make it the star of a special section. We write articles and put other interactive features around it. We attach these editorial sections to top publisher sites where the publisher promotes the section on its landing pages. It’s native the way native was intended to be: compelling advertorial sitting next to like-minded content.

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