Finding Talent Is Easy.
Finding The Right Talent Is Hard.

More Views. Lower Cost. Better Targeting.

Touchstorm’s Talent Finder is the biggest advancement in talent campaigns since social media talent became a marketing option.

Many brands buy social media talent through Multi-Channel Networks. They think it gives them access to a wide and deep pool of talent.

But that’s not necessarily true. What is true is that MCNs – by definition – can only bring you some of the talent that’s available. What’s also true is that MCNs have bias toward certain top talent they need to appease, so their objectives don’t always align with yours. It’s a walled garden where pricing and results don’t always go to your favor.

No data? No guidance? No objectivity? With all the money that’s going to talent? It’s irresponsible.

It’s a new day. With Talent Finder, you’ll spend smarter. 

We create an environment where the
best choices are bidding for your business.

It’s incredibly easy to overpay for talent without realizing it. We get a broad spectrum of talent bidding for your business, opening up the marketplace so it works for you.

Touchstorm Adds Science to the Art

Buying talent is complicated and time consuming. There are thousands of spokespeople and datapoints to consider. The process deserves rigor.

The Touchstorm Video Index is the most expansive catelog of Social Media Stars. We organize them by topic and track their performance and engagement metrics. Then we use our own software to analyze 12 quantitative and 3 qualitative datapoints to reveal a large roster of talent that will deliver an always-on campaign. You get more in-demo views for the same or less money.

So if you want German-speaking, Gibraltar-based, ginger-haired, geriatric talent that specializes in juggling jars of jelly beans, we can tell you exactly who they are, whether they are worth buying, and what creative approach will do best on their channel.

Talent Finder shows you who to buy, how much to buy,
and how much to pay. And if you want it turnkey, we execute.


Talent Finder

Talent Buyer


Complete List of all Talent in Field
Talent Demographic and Geographic Details
Comparative Analysis of Growth Rates
Dossier of Current/Past Brand Relationships
Predictive Analytics of Sponsored Videos
Collection of Private Data


Talent Selection KPIs
Brand Safe Talent Analysis


Recommended Number of Videos per Talent
Recommended Timeframe
Schedule and Timeline Delivery (Always On)


Recommended Bids for Top Talent’s Fees
Brand Asset Assement; Negotiating Strategy
Digital RFP Customized for Campaign
Complete Campaign Management
Talent Negotiation

Campaign Managing

Full FTC Compliance and Monitoring
Live Dashboard with GRP Equivalencies
View Equivalencies in Reach, Frequencies, and GRPs
Comment Monitoring
Talent Briefing
Campaign Monitoring
Qualitative Summary of Findings and Results

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