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As Director of Technology, Ajoy Thomas’ enthusiasm for design and talent for programming has proved an ideal fit for Touchstorm, where he has made great strides to perfect the user experience for Touchstorm’s consumer-facing work. He is responsible for the technology process and architecting systems that will scale the business. Ajoy is passionate about startups that create meaning, building infrastructure and solutions using technology, and deriving the best work out of a smart group of programmers.

Ajoy began his professional career the day after graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas with his degree in computer science. Immediately joining Slingshot, a full service agency specializing in customized solutions for online advertising, Ajoy worked as a programmer for clients including Dr. Pepper and Jack Daniels. After three years, he left to join a larger company, TMA systems. There, Ajoy worked as an interactive programmer for American Airlines, where he was the lead developer for their projects.

After this he had the opportunity to work for PowerPact as one of the first programmers during Touchstorm’s infancy. During his time with PowerPact, the holding company from which Touchstorm was born, Ajoy found that his skill for programming and interest in design and user experience could come together. Inspired by Touchstorm CEO Alison Provost’s vision for moving into the digital age, Ajoy found a new appreciation for his coding background and leveraged the fundamentals he had garnered over the years to advance Touchstorm’s impact on clients.

Ajoy now leads a group of programmers in New York, focusing on information architecture and the development of the technology team. He is a recent transplant to the city, moving from Dallas with his wife.

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