About Alison Provost

Alison Provost is the industry visionary behind Touchstorm, a digital media company that produces, distributes and optimizes branded online editorial videos for a wide range of clients, including General Mills, Procter & Gamble and Sony.

Under her leadership, Touchstorm has pioneered a unique approach to video production and distribution that has helped eminent brands create online video campaigns with TV-like reach and Internet-like engagement.

Alison began her career as a concert promoter (Nederlander Organization) and a TV news producer (NBC). In 1993, she founded Global Sales Development, a consulting firm designed to help broadcasters create new revenue streams from non-traditional sources, which became one of the largest and most recognized consulting firms in the radio industry. In 1998 she sold the company to industry front-runner AM/FM, and in late 2000, during AM/FM's merger with Clear Channel Communications, Alison engineered a lift-out to bring the company, now named Chancellor Marketing Group, back to private ownership. Alison renamed the company PowerPact and focused its services on disciplines that could deliver measurable promotion results for a client roster of Fortune 500 clients.

In 2008, PowerPact Holdings announced the launch of Touchstorm. Under Alison's guidance, leading marketers have distributed campaigns engaging hundreds of millions of consumers through online videos.

Alison is active in Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide, a group of global agency CEOs, and in the Virginia Council of CEOs. A dynamic speaker unafraid to stake out a unique point of view, Alison has been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences such as OMMA Video, Brightcove Play and Digital Hollywood, and was featured on 33Voices.com, a producer of podcasts focused on entrepreneurship. She also writes a regular column for MediaPost's Video Insider and has appeared in several online publications such as ReelSEO, Fast Company, and Portfolio.com. She is also a committed advocate and fundraiser for breast cancer charities, a passion that led her to write the memoirs of Soraya, a Grammy-winning Latin pop star who lost her life to the disease at 37. The book resonated powerfully with the Latin community and quickly became one of the top-selling Spanish language books of all time.

Alison earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Maryland.

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