What is the
Video Index?

The Video Index is our YouTube analytics app that features data and insights available nowhere else on earth. It’s all about creating marketing insights that allow big brands and serious YouTubers to grow their channels and their audience rapidly.




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The Touchstorm Video Index

The Touchstorm Video Index showcases our data in action and offers a free report for any YouTube channel. The Video Index gives you:

  • A complete overview of the channel you are interested in.
  • Category overview showing key competitor channels, which channels are currently winning and what content strategies are most successful.
  • Engagement data illustrating which channels are producing content You-Tubers really want to see
  • Insights on how to improve your channel from both an SEO and content strategy perspective
  • All for FREE 

Finally, analytics to help serious YouTube marketers improve their performance.

With the Touchstorm Video Index, finally, a beauty guru can find out where she stands against all the other beauty gurus. A big brand can find out where it stands against everyone else competing for share-of-voice in its category, brands and non-brands alike. To that end, Touchstorm publishes simple monthly industry rankings to the trade press.



Powered by Voot®

Voot takes standard YouTube API data and appends it with critical marketing data. The result is a robust analysis tool that allows you to see performance metrics at both the channel and video levels that can answer questions like these:

  • Who are the leading content producers that I compete with? How am I doing against them, specifically?
  • What are the Top 500 videos in my category, and what do they have in common that I can mimic?
  • What’s the average number of subscribers converted per every million views in my category, and how does my channel compare?
  • Are my competitors spending money winning views, and if so, how much?


Help Build The Video Index

The power of the Video Index comes from the data that’s appended to each channel and video inside Voot. Touchstorm tracks thousands of channels, tens of millions of videos, and billions of views. The number of profiled channels grows every day. By profiling your channel, you are helping to grow the database, which already includes the Top 5000 YouTube channels, thousands of brand channels, and top channels in every Conversation on YouTube.