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The Touchstorm Video Index gives you a view on YouTube like you've never seen before. See it in action on our new report, which covers the Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports conversations.

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The Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports Special Report shows you how channels like Red Bull and GoPro fare against some of the most popular YouTube sensations. You'll get a whole new view on YouTube, and what the best channels are doing to win.

What is the Touchstorm Video Index?

Pandora profiled songs. Touchstorm profiled YouTube channels and videos. 

Why? To help big brands and serious YouTubers discover their own winning formulas.  

As a result, the Touchstorm Video Index peels back YouTube’s immense layers to reveal competitive realities, content holes, growth patterns, and channel dynamics…producing marketing insights far more meaningful than studying views and subscribers.

Inside this one-of-a-kind Special Report, you'll learn:

  • Who is really winning on YouTube
  • Why views don't matter as much as you thought
  • How to build an audience of your own
  • What metrics really matter on YouTube

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