Touchstorm Video Index™

A unique, proprietary classification system for YouTube channels built by – and for – video marketers.

TVi™ makes YouTube more powerful and useful for both creators and brands.

Video marketers need better data.

The problem with video data is that there are a handful of companies reporting basic numbers from the YouTube API – but from a marketing standpoint, it’s all amazingly devoid of insight. The key to all of the missing insights was the inability to compare knitters to knitters, beers to beers, and comedians to comedians. There are tens of millions of channels. To create meaningful insights, we needed to make YouTube smaller somehow.

We built TVi™ to solve this problem.

The Touchstorm Video Index™ is a genome project for video and social content. This makes the TVi™ the most powerful video dataset on the market. We’ve appended YouTube’s API data, classifying channels and videos into themes, conversations, and topics. We’ve also classified the content creators, brands, personalities, geographies, and other valuable metadata, and overlayed that same classification system to Search.

TVi™ powers Amigo™.

Amigo™ is the only video marketing suite running on the TVi™ classification system. Our tools let you find topics to own in search that your competition doesn’t see. And, with a search sample size that represents 84% of the billion plus searches done a day on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, the insights that come out are mind-blowing.

TVi™ is classifying 10 million YouTube channels
into marketing-friendly categories.

Classify yours.

We’ve found that no one knows a channel better than the people who made it.
So, we started a one-of-a-kind project that allows channel owners
to classify his or her channel and enter it into the TVi™.

Are you in?

Once your channel is classified, you’ll see the YouTube landscape clearer than ever.