Redirect your global
social media traffic
to the right local pages.

Online content is borderless and global. But, content-without-borders creates challenges.
You want readers and viewers to click, but where will you send the click?

That’s where GeoRouter comes in.

Separate Viewers by Geography.

Finally, you can send the Colombians to your Colombian website or the Brits to Amazon UK.

GeoRouter ensures that your social media audiences click-through to the exact website that you want, in the country and language that they want.

And, it works on all of your platforms.

Including your website, YouTube, Facebook and all social media. You install one link and we do all the rest.

With GeoRouter, brands can meet their consumers where they live.

Whether your consumers want to “Buy Now,” “Learn More” or “Register to Win” — Touchstorm’s geo-targeted URL will ensure that they access information tailored to their country and language.

How it Works

1. You’ll provide the by-country links to where your traffic should re-direct.

2. We’ll give you the one master link to embed in your content.

That’s it. Now every click on that link will be directed to the proper location.

Help me redirect global social media traffic
to the right local pages!

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