You spend a lot of time working on your YouTube channel. Thinking about how to get subscribers. How to promote your YouTube channel. This is not a hobby for you. This is YouTube for business. Your business.

You are a YouTube Creator. That’s your identity and your passion. You want to get more subscribers. You want to get more views. You care about your audience. You care about your content. You work hard on the details. But you feel like you are stuck in the middle of the pack.

What can you do to draw attention to your YouTube Channel?

YouTube has more than 10 million channels. They categorized these into only 20 different categories. That means you have 500,000 competitors for your category. But you know you don’t compete with everyone that is in your category. That guy talking about aliens? The cute cat channel? You guys are not looking for the same audience.

So, how to distinguish yourself from the rest?

We had this same problem. Our sister company, Howdini, needed a way to distinguish itself. So, we created the Touchstorm Video Index to help provide analytics to prove how well we managed this channel. Then we created the TVi Score to show this to the world easily. Finally, we started the YouTube Genome Project to classify all 10 million channels into 2500 categories instead of just 20.

How did the Touchstorm Video Index help us? How can it help you stand out?

By sharing your TVi Score and your ranking within your topic area, you can show the world how well you are ranking within your particular topic. And you can know if you are doing the right things to grow your channel, your audience and your influence. TVi measures a channel on best practices in channel management. Both from a YouTube Playbook perspective and from our own years of experience managing YouTube Channels.

And we wrap it all up into a nice little badge that you can display on your YouTube Channel.