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Frequently Asked Questions

About Touchstorm
Who is Touchstorm?

Staffed with a unique blend of marketers and technologists, Touchstorm is a tech-enabled services company that builds social media audiences for the world’s largest brands like Clairol, COVERGIRL, Ford Gillette, Kenmore, Max Factor, Venus, Vidal Sassoon, and more. Using strategic solutions rooted in data, Touchstorm manages YouTube channels for organic growth, creates and executes influencer-marketing campaigns, conducts Topic Finder research, produces social videos, and executes paid media. Sister company VideoAmigo is a free self-serve social media analytics platform for creators and brands that helps users #ConquerYouTube. Both companies are owned by Diginary Holdings LLC, headquartered in New York and Richmond, with global employees serving clients around the world. Read about Touchstorm: See VideoAmigo in action:

How does Touchstorm get paid?

Touchstorm is paid directly by our clients and we do not take a percent of your talent fees.

Does Touchstorm work with talent reps / MCNs?

Absolutely! Touchstorm works with all talent, regardless of affiliation with an MCN or representation. From the negotiation phase through the execution, we can work directly with the talent or through their appointed representatives.

Does Touchstorm work directly with talent?

Of course. Not everyone has or needs a management team or MCN affiliation. Touchstorm happily works directly with all talent.

Getting Hired
How is an influencer selected for a campaign?

When a new campaign begins, Touchstorm will contact all potential influencers curated from the Touchstorm Video Index and ask for a few answers that are specific to the campaign. With those responses provided directly by the influencers (or their representatives) Touchstorm then adds science to the art and makes recommendations based on data.

Read more about the process here.

If hired, do I have to login to or "join" your platform?

If a brand wants to hire talent that Touchstorm recommends, it is mandatory that talent creates a dashboard login prior to finalizing the contract. This dashboard is where the talent, the brand, and Touchstorm will all monitor contract compliance and reporting for the duration of the contract. 

This is a reporting dashboard. We are not an MCN and creating a login is not joining an MCN. If you are already part of an MCN, there is no conflict. 

How does it work? During the contracting stage, talent will be given a URL to our VideoAmigo platform and will be required to sign in with the Google credentials associated with the YouTube channel the brand is contracting for.

* * * * *

Important Privacy Information: Signing in with Google provides extremely minimal read-only access to a few details (like the channel’s audience demographics and retention) which are used to confirm view goals and reach, as well as other campaign reporting.

Your privacy is very important to us. Review the VideoAmigo Privacy Policy for additional details:

If hired, will there be an official campaign briefing?

We will provide you with a detailed briefing including all of the information about the campaign, products, production mandatories, and reporting procedures. Hired talent will also have a Touchstorm account manager who will be able to help throughout the entire process.

If hired, how do I get the product(s) for the video(s)?

During our negotiations, you and the Touchstorm talent team will review branding, the products, and their features. The products will be sent to the address you provide on the contract.

What are the mandatories of a campaign?

Specifics of a campaign will be reviewed and agreed to during the negotiation stage, however, general mandatories for our campaigns are:

    • Brand Messaging: You incorporate 2-3 brand messages per video.
    • Process: You agree to the process as defined in the contract including creating videos, posting as private, making requested changes and posting online on the date decided with your Touchstorm account manager. 
    • Sponsorship Disclosures: (These are based on the stringent guidelines from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and apply to all campaigns, no matter the geography.) Everything in the video represents your true beliefs, and you agree to include mandatory elements in the description (eg: disclosing that you received the products and are being compensated and “Sponsored by [Brand]”).
    • Monetization: You turn off pre-roll for the campaign videos through the term or until the view count is achieved, whichever is first.
    • Brand Re-posting / Promotion: You include proper hashtags on social media posts (eg: #sponsored OR #ad) and tag the brand as appropriate (eg: #[Brand Name]).
    • Competitive Separation: You will not promote or post any direct competitive brands for seven days after the brand video is posted.
    • Delivering Views: You will extend the promotion via additional posts if view count is not achieved within 30 days of contracted date.
What is the negotiating process?

If you are selected based on your survey submission, we will contact you for an initial conversation. During this meeting, we will discuss the brand, types of content, campaign timing, goals for your campaign content, price, and the contract. Once we come to an agreement on deliverables a contract will be provided. When the contract is fully executed, you will be assigned a Touchstorm campaign manager who will be your guide throughout the process.

For those creators with management representation, we can work with the rep or the talent during the negotiating phase.

If hired, how do I get paid?

All details will be clearly outlined in your contract. In general, once your videos are brand-approved, uploaded to your channel, and made public, you will submit an invoice for your services and we will pay that invoice within 30 days of receipt. 

My channel has less than 100,000 subscribers. Can I still be considered?

Yes! When building our roster, we work to incorporate channels of all different sizes to make sure we have the best reach possible. We love to hire up and coming creators whose channels might be on the smaller end but are still producing quality content. We’ve found that the smaller channels have a loyal subscriber base, good watch times and a consistent view count across their content. Plus, we’d love to help give you the boost in content and recognition you might need to move up in the vlogger-sphere. 

Is this legit?

Sure is! Check out some of these campaign videos for examples of talent that Touchstorm found and hired for clients.