Here at Touchstorm, we couldn’t help but notice a conundrum commonly faced by our brand clients that buy YouTube advertising. It’s so universal in fact, that we dubbed it the ultimate “to be or not to be” video marketing question: When it comes to YouTube TrueView pre-roll advertising, what is the better choice… YouTube’s Skippable pre-roll or their Non-Skippable pre-roll?

The fact that YouTube recently removed the :30 version of pre-roll creative hasn’t dampened the debate. YouTube sales reps still deal with this dilemma all the time. In fact, when you talk to some of the chattier reps, they’ll tell you getting brands to spend the premium on skippable pre-roll can be a real challenge. And when you discuss this with brands, you tend to hear one of two things:

a/k/a: They’re clueless to the quandary
because they don’t buy much YouTube.


a/k/a: They have Decision Paralysis.


At the end of the day, doesn’t it just come down to math?

Hint: it does.

That premium is either worth it in your case, or it’s not. It’s really that simple.

It’s time to stop “guessing and gambling” with the marketing budget and simply enter a couple of numbers into our free YouTube TrueView Cost Analysis Calculator to figure out whether you should buy Skippable or not:


Cost Analysis

It’s here


It’s free


It’s simple


Use it.



Suffer the slings and arrows of your TrueView advertising fortune no more. Answer your own “to Skip or not to Skip” questions:

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