YouTube for Business — post #3 in the continuing series

It seems like the pace of change in marketing is faster than ever.

And even faster than the change are the new solutions, technologies, media, ideas and information flying at businesses and brands. Especially regarding what they should be doing to grow.

There are 4 mantras swirling around in the marketing world now regarding the way brands engage with their consumers, and we think they are particularly confusing.

  1. Brands have been told for a while now that advertising is broken.
  2. Brands have been told to think like a publisher.
  3. Brands have been told to think like a media company.
  4. Brands have been told that social media is where they should be.

While these are not quite myths?there is some truth in all of them — they are not quite mantras either. They are more like the beginning of the story. The problem or the suggestion of a direction. And in the end, they are not really all that helpful.

Why is this?

Well, it is because the truth is a little different.

  1. Advertising is not broken. Advertising is alive and well and growing.
  2. It is good to think like a publisher, provided you know what this means.
  3. Thinking like a media company? How about acting like one…well, wait, they aren’t doing so well. Not the traditional ones anyway.
  4. And social media? It is living on rented land…except for one channel…YouTube.

Is YouTube a panacea to solve all of your marketing woes? Uh, no. Is it a place to engage directly with your consumers? Yes. And it is a way to do this with the most powerful medium ever invented: video. And on a device that is as personal and intimate as any ever created: PC & mobile.

Think like a YouTuber

We say, don’t worry about thinking like a publisher or a media company. Instead, you should think like a YouTuber (or YouTube Creator, as the community calls itself).

Why would you do this? A whole host of reasons. Here’s a small handful:

  • They are closer to your audience than you are.
  • They are owning share of voice in the growing media platforms.
  • They are defining the culture and conversation.

Wouldn’t you like to have any of those said about you? Yeah, us, too.

How do YouTube Creators think? And act? And plan? And produce? Here’s 12 of 100+ ways:

  1. They make content…all the time…like weekly. Yeah, that much (or more).
  2. They make content…for their audience.
  3. They make content…until they find what works…seems backward, right? Not here.
  4. They make content…based on what their audience likes/comments/suggests…again, upside-down from the old model.
  5. They market content…instead of just posting and praying.
  6. They market content…in all of their other social channels.
  7. They market content…to make it more discoverable…in search (your new best friend).
  8. They market content…of their friends and collaborators…yeah, that takes some getting used to.
  9. They manage their channel…with great metadata.
  10. They manage their channel…with annotations and CTAs.
  11. They manage their channel…to engage their audience.
  12. They manage their channel…every day…all day.

Seeing any patterns here? Make content, market content, manage channel? Yeah, it’s not rocket science. It’s just that most brands and businesses don’t do the work it takes. YouTube Creators do. They grow views and subscribers into fans. In short, they build an audience of their own.

Building An Audiece Of Your Own

And it is important that you understand how they think about an audience. Because an audience is not views. An audience is not subscribers. An audience is a fan base. A fan base who will watch, like, comment and share everything you make. Will they like it all? Nope, but they will care enough to tell you so you can keep making it better.

YouTube Creators are very focused. They are focused on:

  • Making content
  • Marketing content
  • Managing their channel

So they can grow their audience.

Why do they do this? This is an interesting question. You will find a similar progression among many YouTube Creators:

  • They love a topic and making videos about it
  • They learn to love their audience
  • They start making some money from advertising
  • They get serious about growing the channel
  • They find themselves with a growing media business
  • They receive phone calls from brands who want to partner
  • They see all kinds of new opportunities arise

This is the new way of business. YouTube for business. And we are all just at the beginning of the beginning. We are going to see more and more businesses, brands and individuals building audiences of their own on YouTube. YouTube is the new TV. And there will never be a better time to get started than right now.

What’s Coming In Session 4?

In our next session, we are going to show you a 4-part strategy to grow your business or brand on YouTube. This strategy will help you grow an audience of loyal and passionate fans. Fans that are more cost effective to find than simply renting or buying their attention. Fans looking forward to all your new videos. And fans who will start sharing so the organic growth takes off.

We will show you how to make your brand the solution that people are searching for. We shared three of these strategies above: make, market, manage. We’ll go into more detail on them next week. And we’ll share a powerful fourth “M” that helps you know what is working.

Then we’ll go deep on each of the 4M’s so you can build your business, brand and reputation on YouTube.