YouTube for Business — post #5 in the continuing series

This session is all about content. Making the right content, specifically. It’s the reason people come to your channel or discover your video. And you cannot build an audience or a business on YouTube without it.

The first question I’m always asked is, “what kind of videos should I make?” Actually, this is usually the second question. The first is typically, “can you make us a viral video?” To which I respond, “no, because you don’t need a viral video.” That’s when they ask what kind of videos they should make.

So, what kind of videos should you make? That depends on three things:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What is your brand’s emotional core?
  3. What is your content’s purpose?

To answer these questions, you have to know your audience, your brand and your strategy. Let’s look at each one of these in a little more detail.

Know Your Audience

Who you are trying to reach is the most fundamental of marketing questions. But it is surprising how general the answers are. Or how little we really know about our audience. If you are a big brand, then you probably have the resources to fund research and the agencies to do media planning. And both of these are great assets for determining who your audience is and what kinds of content they currently watch.

A brand’s media plan serves as a roadmap for an audience’s content preferences. So, use it this way. Look at the media plan not only as the guide for where to advertise, but also as a guide for the kinds of content you should be in the business of making. Your media plan is a great guide for content development.

Know Your Brand

At the heart of your brand is an emotional core. A tone of voice. A feeling you are trying to evoke. You know what this is, so make content that captures it. Don’t make boring videos if you are an energy drink. And don’t make extreme sports videos if you are a camomile tea brand. And don’t make videos about yourself. Make videos your audience will love and watch over and over and share with their friends.

Red Bull is the king of this kind of branded content. They don’t make videos on how to create the perfect Red Bull and Vodka recipe. They produce some of the best extreme sports content going. They are the brand that “gives you wings” and they bring you people with wings — literally. People jumping out of spaceships, off of cliffs, over ravines, flipping, spinning. It is content that captures the emotional core of the brand perfectly.

Know Your Purpose

Why are you making this content? Good content is there on purpose. It has a purpose. What is the purpose of this content you are making? There are really only three reasons (and ways) to communicate?to entertain, to persuade and to inform?remember that from Comm 101 class? It is still true.

We know that the ultimate end goal is to build an audience of our own, but why are you building this audience? What is your purpose? Are you trying to inform them? Entertain them? A little of both? That’s probably best. You need to engage them at that emotional core of the brand. But you also need to answer questions and solve their problems. So, don’t just plan on one content purpose.


Now that you have these answers, you are ready to Make EPIC. What’s that? It is Entertaining, Persuasive and Informative Content. We’ll look at this in the next installment of our series.