YouTube for Business — post #6 in the continuing series

Last session was all about content. Specifically, the three questions to answer before you make your content. This session is all about the three kinds of content you can make. Only three? Yes. Just three.

The answer to the question “what are the three kinds of content should I make” is:


This is an acronym for Entertaining, Persuasive, and Informational Content.

Remember back to Communications 101 class in college? There are only three ways to communicate. You can entertain. You can persuade. And you can inform. It was that way in Comm 101. It is the same way for YouTube.

Your EPIC Mix

So, what should the mix of entertaining, persuasive and informative content be for your YouTube Channel? Your brand will be your guide here. When you look at the best channels, you see that they tend to focus primarily in one of these three directions with their videos.

  • It might make sense for your brand simply to entertain the way that Blendtec has done so well and so consistently over the years.
  • It could be that your brand is a persuasive brand and needs to drive immediate action — online retailers do well with this kind of content.
  • Or perhaps your category is complex or your product is new or technical. In that case, your content could skew towards informational content which educates your audience.

Over time, you will want and need a mix of content types. But your brand will most likely lend itself to one kind or another more heavily. Let the brand and your audience be your guide here.

Hero, Hub & Hygiene

YouTube tells creators to focus on Hero, Hub and Hygiene content. These are three different kinds of objectives for your content.

  • You need content that builds awareness for your site that gets attention. This is Hero.
  • You need content that people plan on coming back for weekly, regularly scheduled programming. This is Hub.
  • You need content that people can discover through search that answers their pressing questions. This is Hygiene.

This framework from YouTube is a great way to think specifically about your YouTube Channel. A robust content strategy will consider all of your content, channels and distribution – not just YouTube. But this framework from YouTube is very helpful.


This 3H model and EPIC are two sides of the same coin. Taken together they give you a robust way to think about content creation for your YouTube Channel.

First, use EPIC to determine the mix of content types for your brand. What percent of entertainment, persuasion and information should you use? And this is broader than just your YouTube Channel. This is about what is right for the brand across all of your media ? paid, earned and owned. Not just YouTube, which is an owned channel.

Next, for your YouTube Channel specifically, determine what kind of Hero, Hub and Hygiene content you need. Determine the cadence for this content: how often do you plan on producing it? And build your team — both in-house and external — to help you deliver the content.

Armed with your objectives and strategy. You are ready to make great content.

And now on to our next session — marketing the content right!