YouTube for Business — post #4 in the continuing series

In Part 1, we said that YT is for Business. And delved into the best social media channel brands are not using.

In Part 2, we looked at the 5 levels of business on YouTube. And we looked at companies who were doing business on YouTube at all 5 levels.

In Part 3, we said you need to think like a Creator. We looked at the DNA of a YouTube Creator and how this translates for a brand.

NOW, in Part 4, it is time to learn how to act like a Creator. Producing a channel is all about action. Not saying the word “action,” but being active on the channel. Posting content, engaging audience, promoting the channel. It is a commitment of time and energy to launch and grow an audience. We’ve seen that it’s worth it. Now, let’s learn how to do it.

Building a great channel requires a 4-Part Strategy. We call it the 4M Strategy because (conveniently) each action starts with the letter “M.”

We’ll overview the strategy in this section and then go over it in depth during the next 4 sections. Here it is:

The 4M YouTube Strategy

Step One: Make the Right Content

Step Two: Market the Content Right

Step Three: Measure the Right Channel Data

Step Four: Manage the Channel Right

You’ll notice that two of the strategies are focused on the Content, and two are focused on the Channel. This 50/50 split is not an accident. It is intentional. And it is critical. And many producers get this part wrong.

Why do so many producers get this wrong?

Because they like one part of the process better than the other. Some producers love making content. But if you only focus on Content, then you will not have viewers.

Other producers love measuring the channel. Seeing the results. But if you only focus on Channel, then you will not have viewers.

And hopefully, you learned in Parts 1 & 2 why viewers are important. Or rather, what they lead to is important. Viewers turn into Subscribers. Subscribers turn into Audience. And when you have an audience — well, then you have a business on YouTube. And that’s our goal here.

Elements of the 4M Strategy

Make. Market. Measure. Manage. Sounds easy, right? Okay, so it’s not rocket science. We’ll walk you through the basics in the next four sessions. But the most important part. And the one that will be the hardest is this. Don’t skip steps. Don’t think that you’ll be okay and don’t need to mess with every little detail. Because you do. So, do it. All of it.

Here’s the four elements of a good YouTube strategy:

Making the right content is all about knowing what your audience wants.

Do you know what kind of content your audience is looking for? This is step one. Know thy audience & what they wanteth. They will want your solutions to their problems. So solve them. They will want to be entertained. So do it. They will want your expertise. So share it.

The reason you started the channel in the first place, assuming you started it with them (your audience) in mind, is the reason they are coming. So, keep giving it to them. And ask them how you are doing. More on this in Part 5 of the series next week.


Marketing the content right is all about making the content discoverable.

Just making the content isn’t enough. You have to make it available. That means putting it everywhere. And you have to make it discoverable. So, make sure the SEO is good. Titles, tags, descriptions. All that SEO stuff comes in here. And make sure it is syndicate-able too. That means finding partners to share the love.

You can’t just post and pray. You need to post and then promote. Like a shameless circus promoter. Yeah, you read right. And we’ll make a promoter out of you in Part 6.


Measuring the right channel data is all about the metrics that matter.

There’s a marketing mantra that says “you get what you measure.” And this is true. If you are measuring something, then you are more likely to fixate on that number. And you are more likely to figure out what makes it move.

Just make sure you are fixating on the right things. On YouTube’s insights, this is primarily Watch Time. Not views. Not subscribers. Watch Time. That’s because it’s what ensures that your videos are of a quality according to YouTube’s point of view. And if they think you are good, then more people will find you. Because YouTube will promote you.


Managing the channel right is all about good habits and best practices.

You want to make sure the channel is branded well, the thumbnails are good, your channel trailer is set, your annotations and calls to actions are in place. And?

What are all of these? Well, these are just some of the best practices for managing your YouTube channel. They are based on the current YouTube Creator Playbook, the YouTube Certification training (Touchstorm is YTC), and our own years of experience about what works and doesn’t on YouTube.

We’ll cover these best practices in Part 8.

And just to recap…

A good YouTube strategy covers all four areas.

  1. Make the right content.
  2. Market the content right.
  3. Measure the right channel data.
  4. Manage the channel right.