YouTube has officially ended its AdBlitz contest, declaring Nissan’s With Dad spot as the Super Bowl ad campaign winner. There’s one hitch (and it’s a big one). Only YouTube viewers who made the effort to vote gave that title to Nissan. What about the millions of viewers who did not vote? That’s where Touchstorm comes in.

Touchstorm has studied every campaign that aired nationally during the 2015 Super Bowl, and we’ve ranked and rated them on the Metrics that Matter: Views, Subscriber Conversion, Likeability, and Velocity. The Nissan campaign cracked only one of the Metrics that Matter Scoreboards. It landed at #8 in terms of Views. With Dad doesn’t even make any other list in the Touchstorm 2015 Super Bowl Scoreboard. It landed at #17 in our overall ranking, #23 in Subscriber Conversion, scored only a 51 in Likeability, and only managed to reach a Velocity peak of 26. 

Touchstorm’s declared winner of the 2015 Super Bowl ad game was Budweiser with their Lost Dog campaign. The ad was more successful as a whole, performing well across all of the Metrics that Matter:

  • It was the most viewed campaign with 36,401,976 views.
  • It ranked second in Subscriber Conversion by adding 7,568 subscribers to its channel through the duration of our study.
  • It placed third in the Likeability metric with a score of 225, meaning it generated a lot more passion with viewers than the other campaigns.
  • When it came to Velocity, Lost Dog was very successful, reaching its peak with a score of 34.

So while the select YouTubers who expended the energy to vote chose Nissan’s With Dad campaign, the overall winner was clearly Budweiser’s Lost Dog.  What’s more important: a popularity vote, or truly understanding how a campaign performed and what that performance means for the brand going forward? Sure, votes are nice, but voters don’t necessarily come back to your brand channel, subscribe, or become a fan of your brand. The Metrics that Matter have spoken!

Have any questions or comments? Let us know, here. Also, check out the full recap of the Touchstorm 2015 Super Bowl Scoreboard here.