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TikTok vs. YouTube: Diving Deep into Data for a Digital Showdown

In the ever-evolving universe of social media, two giants have been frequently pinned against one another. A debate we’ve often heard is: “TikTok vs. YouTube – who is actually bigger?” As part of our quest to demystify digital myths and arm marketers with actionable insights, we’ve sifted through the numbers to unearth the facts.

The Unexpected TikTok vs. YouTube Revelation

TikTok has danced its way into global conversations. If you are thinking about placing your bets in the TikTok vs.YouTube contest, hold on to your hats. The digital landscape isn’t quite what it seems. Our research reveals that YouTube’s global audience is 2.3X larger than that of Tiktok.

Tiktok vs. YouTube: YouTube’s global audience is 2.3X larger than that of Tiktok

Why This Research? The TikTok vs. YouTube Conundrum

Even as the U.S. is considering a ban on TikTok, conversations in the marketing corridors have been abuzz with the TikTok vs. YouTube debate. While many are betting their money on TikTok, there is a lack of credible published data comparing the two platforms. That’s why this research was done.

Methodology: Delving into the TikTok vs. YouTube Matrix

Our research isn’t a mere juxtaposition of numbers. We delved deep into Advertising Resources. Ensuring uniformity and credibility was paramount, so we’ve meticulously chosen our sources. We didn’t just take numbers at face value. We wore our detective hats and dug deep into our source’s methodology. We wanted to ensure they were not just aggregators, but firsthand reporters of data. Their rigorous data collection and presentation methods cemented their credibility for our research.

The game-changer? The moment we pivoted to Unique Active Users. It’s when the picture became crystal clear, and we realized we were onto something big.

Numbers Talk: The TikTok vs. YouTube Data Deep Dive

Global Footprint: A striking 48% of the world’s connected populace actively engages with YouTube monthly, dwarfing TikTok’s 20%. YouTube is inaccessible in China while TikTok is banned in India. This makes both platforms miss out on a significant, but more or less equal user base of approximately 1.4 billion people. It is still an apples to apples comparison. Yet, the numbers tilt heavily in YouTube’s favor.

U.S. Focus: The American landscape mirrors the global trend. Again, YouTube dominates.

The Mobile App Paradox: Mobile dynamics introduce an interesting plot twist in the TikTok vs. YouTube. TikTok’s reputation as the “Most Downloaded App” is misleading. Why? Because YouTube comes pre-installed on Android devices. This subtle nuance means a whopping 71% of mobile users have no need to download YouTube. To know the numbers, read our research paper.

Here is what you will get:

  1. Understanding the Global Audience
  2. A Closer Look at the U.S. Audience
  3. Mobile Audience Size Insights
  4. Comprehensive Audience Comparison: Global, U.S., and U.S. Mobile

Digital Corridor Whispers: Industry Recognition

Our findings on TikTok vs. YouTube are resonating, and the industry is listening. Miguel Campos e Cunha from Google spotlighted our work, highlighting the relevance of YouTube as a cross-device platform. 

Interesting read for any Techie/Marketer. YouTube continues to be the most relevant cross-device (CTV, Computer, Mobile) video/social platform in the US. As a heavy YouTube user, I don't find this surprising but definitely not common knowledge across Marketers everyday conversations

And when major publications like Yahoo Finance amplify our voice, it’s evident we’re onto industry-shifting revelations.


Marketers, it’s time for introspection and recalibration. Being in the know changes the game. Don’t just be a part of the conversation; lead it. These numbers aren’t mere digits; they’re strategic signposts.

  • YouTube’s reach, with 2.3X unique active users as compared to TikTok, isn’t just impressive; it’s monumental.
  • The metrics tell a story that hasn’t been told, making our TikTok vs. YouTube research invaluable.
  • The numbers don’t lie. Marketers, take heed.

TikTok vs.YouTube

Summer 2023 Numbers Show YouTube Dwarfing TikTok Globally, in the U.S., and on Mobile

TikTok vs. YouTube