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Our tech-enabled services help the world’s leading brands build an online video audience of their own.


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Hear Touchstorm CEO, Alison Provost, talk about building a whole new form of Brand Communications here.

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    Just Released: A Touchstorm Video Index Special Report

    Our new report gives you an in depth look at the Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports conversation on YouTube. See who is winning and why. See which brands are doing best. And best of all, it's FREE.

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    What is the Video Index?

    The Video Index is our YouTube analytics app that features data and insights available nowhere else on earth. It’s all about creating marketing insights that allow big brands and serious YouTubers to grow their channels and their audience rapidly.


Breaking Brands 
Out Of The Ad Box.

For 100 years, the marketing industry labored to perfect advertising, and it worked. Print, radio, television, direct, events, in-store…the art of persuasion built businesses, brands and reputations.

Then along came the Internet…and broadband…and mobile. Direct access to consumers. Consumers in control. Everything changed.

Now advertising alone is not enough. Brands deserve a voice. We give it to them.



Lights, Camera, 

How Touchstorm and Sony Leveraged Industry Talent to Create Branded Information that Converted Category Interest into Paying Customers.



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How do you define your true competition on YouTube?

At point of sale, brands compete with each other for market share.  In advertising, brands compete with each other for share-of-voice.  But on YouTube, brands compete with all manner of folk who, by the way, don’t play by the same rules as brands. Read More >

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