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Are you in video marketing?

Then VideoAmigo is your new best friend.


VideoAmigo is the only Video Marketing Suite running on the TViTM classification system.

TVi narrowed the world of video topics to give you more insight and detail on channels, videos and searches than has ever been possible. Now, brands and creators can stop guessing at their strategy.


VideoAmigo gives them the data and insights they need to run successful video campaigns.

VideoAmigo helps Brands


VideoAmigo helps Creators


Crack the code

VideoAmigo reveals specific details about how your topic category works.

Grow your revenue

VideoAmigo can help you increase your channel revenue without hiring an army to help you.

Own your topic

VideoAmigo finds popular video topics to own that will perfectly fit your brand.

Attract killer sponsors

VideoAmigo makes your channel more visible so brands and collaborators find it more appealing.

Win in search

VideoAmigo gets your videos discovered where audiences are looking for them—in organic search.

Engage your fans

VideoAmigo handles the chores so you have more time to engage with your fans.

Precision targeting

VideoAmigo pinpoints the best channels with the most engaged audiences for advertising.

Become a voice

VideoAmigo helps you rise above the noise so your voice can be heard.

Find awesome partners

VideoAmigo helps you find the right creators and the right channels for partnering.

Build your audience

VideoAmigo rounds up new fans so you can keep them informed, entertained and engaged.

TVi is a unique classification system for YouTube channels.

It makes YouTube more powerful and useful for everyone.


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Make sure your channel is one of them.


Our mission

We are on a mission to classify 10 million YouTube channels
into marketing-friendly categories—more than 2,000 different topics—
so you can see the YouTube landscape clearer than ever.

Your opportunity

We’ve found that no one knows a channel better than the people
who made it. So, we started a one-of-a-kind project that allows
you to classify your channel and enter it into the TVi.

Once your channel is classified, you get access to all of the data and analytics.

All it takes is a few clicks. And the first one is right here.


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