YouTube Audience Development

We manage YouTube channels for the biggest brands in the world so they can build audiences of their own. We have the technology and the know-how to help you grow your channel.

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First we audit the channel to see what is happening and how it is currently performing.

Topic Finder

We use our proprietary technologies to determine what content people are looking for and what content is missing.


We use our decade of YouTube experience to build a custom playbook of what works on the channel.

Manage the Channel

Making a YouTube channel discoverable and high performing is a challenge we love.

Content Strategy

We develop a content strategy based on your brand and what people are searching for in your category.

Content Marketing

It’s not enough to just make the right content; you have to market the content right. This is where our team shines.

Our Technology



The Touchstorm Video Index™ (TVi™) is our YouTube analytics app built on the back of the YouTube Genome Project. It features data and marketing insights available nowhere else on earth that allow big brands and serious YouTubers to grow their channels and their audience.



We’ve built a tool called SCOOP™ to help us mine the web for the most popular topics that people are searching for day-in and day-out. SCOOP™ allows us to create evergreen content that will perform well on day one and on day one thousand because it is based on what people are already looking for.



Voot is the first YouTube check search and comment monitoring system. Used to create high performing channels for brands, this all-in-one dashboard shows how videos are performing against hundreds of keywords and allows comment monitoring across all YouTube videos.

Touchstorm Video Index


What is TVi?

We’ve developed the ratings system for YouTube. Are you getting a new view on YouTube?

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Get your Channel Report

The online TVi™ App can give you insights into your channel performance and how you rank versus your competition.

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Get Live Ratings

Get our Live Ratings Reporting for topics on YouTube. You’ll be able to view the top performing channels in your topic area.

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Video Marketing Intelligence

Check out our latest reports and video marketing insights to help you get smart about online video and build an audience of your own.


The 2015 Super Bowl Scoreboard

The 2015 Touchstorm Video Scoreboard analyzed content on advertisers’ YouTube channels related to their Super Bowl
ad campaigns and delivers a snapshot of the most successful campaigns from 2015’s Super Bowl. See who won the biggest game in advertising.

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mag report

Special Report: Consumer Magazines
on YouTube

Touchstorm’s YouTube Special Report on Consumer Magazines is out! Using data pulled from the Touchstorm Video Index, we’ll show you who’s winning on YouTube and who isn’t… Plus, you’ll get insights on the Top 20 channels!

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YouTube Review: Women’s Fashion

We used our Live Ratings tool to look behind the seams of the Women’s Designer Fashion topic on YouTube (October 2014). The review is your backstage pass to the latest insights… and some of the trends may surprise you.

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Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Alison Provost

    Founder, Chairman & CEO

    About Alison Provost

    Alison Provost is the industry visionary behind Touchstorm. Alison is active in Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide, a group of global agency CEOs, and in the Virginia Council of CEOs. A dynamic speaker unafraid to stake out a unique point of view, Alison has been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences such as OMMA Video, Brightcove Play and Digital Hollywood, and was featured on, a producer of podcasts focused on entrepreneurship. She also writes a regular column for MediaPost’s Video Insider and has appeared in several online publications such as ReelSEO, Fast Company, and

  • Testimonial

    Jacque Bibeau

    Chief Business Officer

    About Jacque Bibeau

    With more than 20 years of experience spanning media, production, technology, marketing and sales, Jacque Bibeau possesses the deep expertise and broad market insight that has helped establish Touchstorm as an industry pioneer in branded information and the premier source for online video distribution and content development. As the Chief Business Officer at Touchstorm, Jacque leverages her skills to provide business-building value to existing and prospective clients for the digital media company. Jacque’s success comes from combining her extensive experience in TV production, sales and business development with her understanding of technology.

  • Testimonial

    Judi Costanza

    Chief Operations Officer

    About Judi Costanza

    Judi is redefining the way video content is distributed by delivering TV-like reach, audience engagement and high-value conversion for brands. Her background in the business, media and marketing industries has equipped her with a skill set that continues to bring Touchstorm to the next level. Judi began working for Touchstorm, where she played a major role on the user experience, operations and legal aspects that went into building several products, including, Touchstorm’s consumer facing how-to site, and VOOT™, Touchstorm’s proprietary YouTube content optimization tool. In her current role at Touchstorm, Judi balances user goals and attainable technology to produce sustainable growth. Judi leads the technology and network teams to balance innovation with leveraging existing technologies headed for commoditization. She leads the development of the company’s multi-faceted product portfolio ranging from distribution systems to search and video optimization tools.

  • Testimonial

    Jodi Manning

    Senior Vice President, Professional Strategic Services

    About Jodi Manning

    As Touchstorm’s senior vice president and managing director of digital strategy, Jodi draws on her previous background in art direction and TV production to develop the online video strategies that help brands successfully reach and engage consumers online. Jodi joined PowerPact to lead the marketing company’s creative team on all digital initiatives. While at PowerPact, Jodi had the opportunity to work on projects for its founder’s fledgling sister company Touchstorm. Since joining Touchstorm, Jodi has helped build, Touchstorm’s consumer-facing site, which houses all Touchstorm’s videos. Jodi is responsible for leading Touchstorm’s Digital Strategy, determining targeted distribution and conversion plans for clients.

  • Testimonial

    Jeff Martin

    Vice President, Search & Social

    About Jeff Martin

    With more than 14 years of experience in the digital and search marketing space, Jeff’s knowledge spans across a diverse array of industries, including the federal government, health care, travel, defense, communications, technology, retail, finance and the not-for-profit sector. Jeff is a sought-after expert and is frequently featured in top business and digital trades, and even served as a subject matter expert in the Lane’s Collectibles versus Google case about fraud around paid search advertising. Jeff is currently the Vice President of Search & Social for Touchstorm, managing search marketing, video optimization and distribution strategies for several name brands. In addition, Jeff has played a key role in the optimization of Howdini’s video content through its distribution channels, which has had a significant impact on reach.

  • Testimonial

    Ajoy Thomas

    Group Director, Technology

    About Ajoy Thomas

    As Director of Technology, Ajoy Thomas’ enthusiasm for design and talent for programming has proved an ideal fit for Touchstorm, where he has made great strides to perfect the user experience for Touchstorm’s consumer-facing work. He is responsible for the technology process and architecting systems that will scale the business. Ajoy is passionate about startups that create meaning, building infrastructure and solutions using technology, and deriving the best work out of a smart group of programmers. Ajoy worked for PowerPact as one of the first programmers during Touchstorm’s infancy. During his time with PowerPact, the holding company from which Touchstorm was born, Ajoy found that his skill for programming and interest in design and user experience could come together. Inspired by Touchstorm CEO Alison Provost’s vision for moving into the digital age, Ajoy found a new appreciation for his coding background and leveraged the fundamentals he had garnered over the years to advance Touchstorm’s impact on clients.

People say advertising is broken. We say it isn’t. Advertising works. The problem is that advertising is the only way brands know how to communicate.


Our Clients

We build audiences for the best brands in the world.