Find the right influencers for
your brand, learn how much to pay
them, and predict and track their
performance for epic results.
Collage of famous YouTube influencers like - Lily Singh, Grace Helbig, Joey Graceffa, Marzia Kjellberg. Discover YouTube influencer marketing with Touchstorm.

We Live in a Creator Economy

Even though brands spend a great deal on creators, Influencer Marketing isn’t necessarily held to the same standards as other forms of marketing. It still feels a bit like the wild west – creators aren’t always held to view goals, brands don’t know how much to pay them, and working within FCC guidelines can be difficult.

Touchstorm has solved the challenges of the modern creator economy. We create Influencer Marketing campaigns that perform against your brand’s goals within your budget. We establish pay based on real metrics and creators are held accountable for delivering views/engagement/etc…

Instead of a puff of smoke in a windstorm, your brand gets real results.

Touchstorm Adds
Science to the Art

The Touchstorm Video Index is the most expansive catalog  
of Social Media Stars. We organize talent by topic and track
performance and engagement metrics. Then we use our own
VideoAmigo software to analyze 12 quantitative and 3 qualitative
data points to reveal the right, on-brand roster of influencers that will
deliver an always-on campaign.

So if you want German-speaking, Gibraltar-based, ginger-haired,
geriatric talent that specializes in juggling jars of jelly beans, we can
tell you exactly who they are, whether they are worth buying, and
what creative approach will do best on their channel.

Inverted pyramid showing Touchstorm's Youtube influencer marketing process. Discover the right roster of influencers for your campaign with our VideoAmigo software

Influencer Marketing Services Snapshot

We offer full influencer marketing services to show you who to partner with, how many influencers should participate in a campaign,
and the right amount to pay. And if you want it turnkey, we execute, too. Contact us to get started.

  • Complete List of all Talent in Field
  • Talent Demographic and Geographic Details
  • Comparative Analysis of Growth Rates
  • Dossier of Current/Past Brand Relationships
  • Predictive Analytics of Sponsored Videos
  • Collection of Private Data
  • Recommended Number of Videos per Talent
  • Recommended Timeframe
  • Schedule and Timeline Delivery (Always On)
Campaign Managing
  • Full FTC Compliance
  • Live Dashboard with GRP Equivalencies
  • Comment Management
  • Talent Briefing
  • Campaign Management
  • Qualitative Summary of Findings and Results
  • View Equivalencies in Reach, Frequencies,
    and GRPs
  • Talent Selection KPIs
  • Brand Safe Talent Analysis
  • Recommended Bids for Top Talent’s Fees
  • Brand Asset Assement; Negotiating Strategy
  • Digital RFP Customized for Campaign
  • Complete Campaign Management
  • Talent Negotiation
  • Contracting

Touchstorm is a Full Service YouTube Agency

Explore our other services.
Channel Setup

Channel Setup/Overhaul

Start with a basic four-month package that includes a channel audit, strategic growth plan, and Topic Finder research.

Channel Management

Channel Management

Accelerate your YouTube success with this turnkey solution that includes strategic day-to-day oversight for 1-3 years.

Paid Media

YouTube Paid Media

Optimize paid media value with contextual pre-roll placements, and accelerate channel growth through YouTube discovery.


Video Production

Maximize watch times and discoverability with affordable video production made specifically for online viewing.

Mini people analyzing data with VideoAmigo software. Get the most out of your Youtube Influencer Marketing strategies with Touchstorm.

Are You An Influencer?

Head to our VideoAmigo platform and use our FREE Influencer tools to grow your channel and track your progress.

Make sure your channel is registered. It’s one of the ways we discover the right Influencers to hire for brand clients.