Paid Media

Optimize paid media value with
contextual pre-roll placements,
and accelerate channel growth
through YouTube discovery.

Image showing the placement of ads on youtube. Touchstorm offers youtube ads services to accelerate channel growth and create brand awareness.

Not All YouTube Media Placement is Created Equal

Unlike traditional media agencies, Touchstorm uses a combination of pre-roll (skippable or non-skippable) and discovery
(in-search) to help your channel grow significantly faster. We also monitor your share of voice compared to competitors,
to recommend what you need to spend to improve.

Our Data Enables
Contextual Targeting

We’ve classified over 2.2 billion YouTube videos, which allows us to place ads on the perfect content. Our software also tells us companion interests of your audience (using over 10,000+ narrow categories), to help further target content for your ads and predict campaign views

This combination of contextual and audience/ behavioral targeting provides our clients with both savings and better advertising performance.
Our software shows the interests of your audience at various topic level that helps us to offer the best youtube ads services that drive better advertising performance.

YouTube Paid Media Services Snapshot

We offer complete Paid Media services for both pre-roll and discovery, including media planning, ad placement, and reporting. Our
hands-on active and daily optimization lowers prices due to ongoing A/B testing, metadata adjustments, and visual testing for each and every placement. Contact us to get started.

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