Video Production

Maximize watch times and
discoverability with affordable
video production made
specifically for online viewing.

Turn-Key Videos Specifically for Brands

  • Professional production quality
  • Visible branding and product placement
  • Influencer research and hiring as needed
  • Content topic research included
  • Editing to shorts and vertical formats for various distribution
  • Multi-language content or closed captions for global use
  • We also offer product review sourcing and editing that can be used for social media and e-commerce
Touchstorm, a YouTube agency, showcasing their youtube video production services.

Data-Driven Production

We’ve been using our proprietary VideoAmigo software to study what works in various brand categories for years.

  • What length should the video be?
  • Should it have an intro or jump right in?
  • What kind of personality should the video have?
  • What kind of graphics are a total turnoff?

All of this and more is what we study so that you get the most views, the most watch times, the most positive comments, and the best click-through rates possible.

Why Our Production Really Works

  • Gorgeous, custom videos that highlight your brand organically and powerfully.
  • Video Production processes that are properly scaled for web budgets.
  • Full-service, turnkey and in-house – from concept to script to talent
    to legal to a location to shooting to editing to global implementation.
  • Video uploading and posting – fully optimized titles, tags, descriptions, and closed captioning, so people find your video in organic search.

Stumped as to how to do global, in-language production affordably?