We Are Marketers
and Technologists

Brands hire us because we know
how to win video audiences.

Earned. Owned. Paid.

We’re Not New to the Game

In fact, we invented big pieces of it.

For a decade, we’ve been studying and quantifying what works in video.

Video Marketing. Video Advertising. Video Talent.

With that information, we’ve built effective solutions for the video challenges every brand faces but struggles to get right.


That’s Why Global Brands Hire Us


We work in Danish, English (U.S., U.K., ASEAN), French, German, Gujurati, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish (L.A., Castilian), Swedish, and Turkish.

…for informed and prescriptive content strategies

…for search and video data that reveals what topics to produce and talent to hire

…for YouTube Certified Channel Management that attracts remarkable organic audiences

…for video production that holds online viewers’ attention

…for search and social media advertising that wins competitive share of voice

Touchstorm Clients January 2020

Our Strategic Solutions
Are Rooted in Data

The problem with video performance data is that there’s just too much of it.
Worse, it’s shockingly devoid of insight.

Any company can rearrange basic numbers from the social media APIs, but that doesn’t mean it can inform your marketing.

Touchstorm has placed virtually every Google search query, YouTube channel, and user- and brand-made video inside one or more of our 10,000+ marketing categories. This enables unparalleled competitive comparisons and insights.

For the first time ever.

It’s Called the
Touchstorm Video Index (TVi ® )

The TVi ® is Big Data. Our technology tracks trillions of video performance metrics daily, enhanced with qualitative data points you can’t get anywhere else.

We’ve segmented the content creators by age, gender and race. We’ve identified the brands, personalities, geographies, audience demographics, watch patterns and languages.

And we’ve turned it all into a wiki, where the creators themselves now add even deeper data points in exchange for free tools and sponsorship attention.

It’s Time for Big Data Sophistication

The crude days of post and pray viral video,
“she sounds good” talent assessments,
and barely-there media targeting for video are over.

By combining data and technology, Touchstorm’s strategic orientation,
and decades of marketing experience advising big brands, the result is a goldmine
of video marketing muscle that only Touchstorm can deliver.

The difference in your brand’s performance will astound you.

Primary Products and Services

You’ve made the videos, but no one sees them. When consumers voluntarily watch your content, you know you've struck the loyalty chord.

Find exactly the talent that will hit your target best, grow reach the fastest, and be the smartest spend.

Uncover precisely which topics will win organic video views for your brand. We find market holes based on search demand, content popularity and topic saturation.

Affordable turnkey video production specifically made for online viewing, maximizing Watch Times – the very thing you need to become discoverable in online video.

Our most successful clients hire us for all of these things at once: a year-long retainer arrangement with full-time strategic guidance, access to all of our data, technology and tools, video media buying and hands-on daily execution of social media video.


FREE Data and Tools
Through VideoAmigo

We’ve taken select data from the Touchstorm Video Index and made it available to brands and creators on VideoAmigo.


The data is a free service for video do-it-yourselfers. It helps creators grow their channels, brands shop for talent partnerships, media agencies plan and buy, or musicians to track their climb.


Most importantly, it allows everyone to have somewhere to go to find answers to questions that aren’t answered anywhere else.