YouTube channel setup,
optimization and audience

YouTube Certified

If your brand isn’t getting millions of organic, unpaid
YouTube views a year, you’re doing something wrong.


Unless you have superior data, technology, experience,
and a lot of time on your hands, succeeding at YouTube isn’t easy.


But, that’s ok. We wrote the book that helped write YouTube’s book.

Touchstorm delivers guaranteed view results.

Industry thought leaders in charge… ground-breaking optimization practices…
our VideoAmigo analytics platform… experience across a wide range of
brand categories… a team of global YouTube-certified professionals proficient
in 13 languages… proprietary data that cracks the code on exactly what works…

We deliver the views every time, at a fraction of the cost of paid.



Starter Pro



Channel Optimization

Branded Channel Art Elements
Customized 'About' Tab
Channel Subscription Callouts
Channel Home Page Development
Fully Updated Channel Access and Security
Optimized Channel-Wide Settings
Accurate English Closed Captioning other languages available upon request 10 Videos 50 Videos 100 Videos Varies by need
Organized Brand Ad Library
Content Features

Competitive Monitoring

Competitive Assessment
Content Cadence
Likeability Tracking
Channel Performance vs. Primary Competitors
Category Top 10% Analysis

Global Channel Strategy

Global Channel Architecture
Tackling Language Issues

Channel Growth and Daily Management

YouTube Certified Staff
Optimized Video Titles and Metadata
using the most important metrics that drive results
10 Videos 50 Videos 100 Videos Varies by Need
Customized Engagement Calls to Action Implementation
Video Metadata Optimization and Management
using the most important metrics that drive results
Annotation and Info Card Optimization
Playlist Development and Optimization
Channel Page Optimization
Collaboration With Your Other Agency Partners
100% Improvement on Share of Organic Search

Comment Monitoring

Comment Audit and Clean-up
Comment Monitoring Strategy
Comment Blocking and Filtering
Comment Response and Engagement
Daily Comment Monitoring

Reporting and Recommendations

Channel Audit and Improvement Plan
YouTube Search Keyword Rankings
Monthly Channel Performance Reports
Monthly YouTube Organic Share of Search Reports
Monthly Content Tracking Reports
Biannual State of the Business Meeting
Monthly Overall Share of Voice on YouTube Reports
Organic Campaign Uplift Reports

Content Strategy

Playlist Strategy
Engagement Calls to Action Strategy
Topic Finder Strategy
Product Review Programs
Video Editing for eCommerce

Talent Strategy

Talent Advice
Talent List
Talent Negotiation
Campaign Strategy and Design
Campaign Monitoring and Reporting
Content Distribution

Business Improvement

Data, Insights and Improvement Strategies from Senior Brand Strategist
Goal Development Against Competition
Monthly Bulletins
Business Consulting and Strategy Development
Lunch and Learns, Webinars, Live Learning Events
Access to Research

YouTube Media Strategy

Custom Network Creation
Media Planning and Buying
YouTube InSearch, InDisplay, and TrueView InStream

Social Video

Social Network Video Planning