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Breaking Down the TVi Channel Report: Views

As everyone knows, views are the easiest way to see if your YouTube channel is getting attention. It’s also the most common way people determine if your channel is a success or not. But there’s much more to it than that. In the following blogs, we’ll delve deeper into the other metrics and see how they all work together.

YouTube for Business: 12 Ways YouTube Creators Think (and you should, too)

It seems like the pace of change in marketing is faster than ever. And even faster than the change are the new solutions, technologies, media, ideas and information flying at businesses and brands. Especially regarding what they should be doing to grow.

There are 4 mantras swirling around in the marketing world now regarding the way brands engage with their consumers, and we think they are particularly confusing.

How to Attract Attention to Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has more than 10 million channels. They categorized these into only 20 different categories. That means you have 500,000 competitors for your category. But you know you don’t compete with everyone that is in your category. That guy talking about aliens? The cute cat channel? You guys are not looking for the same audience.

So, how to distinguish yourself from the rest?

From Airsoft to Parkour, a look inside the (head-scratching) content building some of the largest YouTube audiences in the world.

As you know by now, our Outdoor Activities & Adventure Sports report is mind-blowing (if your brand plays in this category, you need to see it!). For a number of reasons: First, it?s a treasure trove of data and insights on every major YouTube channel in the category, from BMX Riding to Camping and Hiking, Skateboarding to Windsurfing. But it also shows enormous, fanatical audiences for content on outdoor and adventure activities that some (many!) of us have never heard of.

The Secret to Winning on YouTube – It’s Not Just About Views

By now we all know Red Bull has one of the hottest YouTube channels and knows how to grow an audience, landing more than 826 million video views and 3.6 million subscribers so far. But as our Touchstorm Video Index (TVi) has shown over the past year, views are not enough and is not the most important metric for measuring channel success. Now don’t get me wrong, Red Bull is killing it on YouTube, but even they can build a more authentic and rabid fan base if they tweak their strategy even a little bit.